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646f9e108c In a utopian society created at the end of the third world war, a female warrior who has been plucked from the badlands begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have planned for the rest of humankind?
Sadly, Appleseed is a movie that&#39;s sorely lacking in many aspects. First, and most important for any movie: the story. The plot is thin, contrived and full of holes, and often just a pretense to deliver some eye-candy. The characters don&#39;t offer much in the way of depth or development.<br/><br/>Most unforgiving for a movie of this kind however are the flaws in the visuals. While the background art and all mechanical objects are brilliantly designed and breathtakingly beautifully rendered, the characters fall way short of this. The characters were made as 3d objects, and cel-shaded to give them a &quot;hand-drawn&quot; look - unfortunately, they do not mesh with their environment very well at all. The interaction with scene objects feels unnatural. Worst are the facial animations, which are crude, and made me perceive the characters as lifeless, soulless, hollow puppets, and left me with no way to empathize with them.<br/><br/>Using actual hand-drawn characters, as the Korean CGI movie &quot;Wonderful Days&quot; did, would have greatly benefited the movie.<br/><br/>Having said that - most of the imagery is good, if not great, although not as carefully composed and ornate as that of the recent &quot;Ghost in the Shell - Innocence&quot;; and the scenery is a bit less detailed and authentic than it was in &quot;Final Fantasy - the spirits within&quot;. The mecha action is definitely top-notch, and the final action sequence is somewhat memorable, although cheesy at parts.<br/><br/>To sum it up, this movie left me with very mixed feelings. Its strong points were not enough to make up for its shortcomings, and are definitely insufficient to heave this film into the realm of classics. If a couple of pretty mecha battles can make a movie for you - go for it. If you&#39;re sold on plot depth and character empathy - you&#39;ll have to look elsewhere…
Anime&#39; has come a long way from the days of gratuitous bloodshed and borderline pornography that marked its early notoriety here in the United States.<br/><br/>Part of this massive and successful transition into mainstream American cinema has been due to technological breakthroughs in animation, computer digitization, and detailing. Immediately, you think of the films of Hayao Miyazaki, &quot;Ghost in the Shell&quot; (1995), and Katsuhiro Otomo&#39;s &quot;Akira&quot; (1988).<br/><br/>&quot;Appleseed,&quot; the latest addition to the list of groundbreaking Anime&#39; films in the last 10 years, is yet another skillful advance in the world of Japanese animation.<br/><br/>This film has a plot that&#39;s not greatly different from past adventures: a rebel female soldier, Deunan Knute, is captured at the beginning of the movie after a fierce battle in the ruins of a large city. She&#39;s flown back to the city of Olympus, a vast metropolis that looks a lot like &quot;Blade Runner&quot; on a better day.<br/><br/>Human beings (grudgingly) coexist with the Bioroids, human androids, who are slowly becoming the majority, already with one serving as the city&#39;s prime minister. Bioroids have a limited emotional range (sound familiar?) and cannot reproduce, nor can they experience feelings such as love or anger.<br/><br/>When the Bioroid generation center is attacked, Deunan, a kind and curious Bioroid named Hitomi, and Deunan&#39;s cyborg lover Briareos link the attack to a deadly conspiracy involving the (still human) military and the mysterious 7 Elders, who control Olympus&#39; main control center.<br/><br/>If you don&#39;t buy the story, then at least &quot;Appleseed&quot; will draw you in by using its lush, beautiful animation and graphics, which are surely the next stage in the evolution of Anime&#39;. The plot is convincing, if not wholly original, and fans of Philip K. Dick may spot some of the scattered references to &quot;Blade Runner.&quot;<br/><br/>Certainly a testament to Anime&#39; and animation in general, &quot;Appleseed&quot; should definitely not be missed.<br/><br/>7/10
Craft connoisseurs won't be disappointed with the splendidly executed result. However, everyone else is likely to wonder what the fuss about given the plot's dated cyborgs-and-supercomputers hijinks.

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